Water Damage Remediation

Floods, Leaks, Sudden Pipe Burst, Raw Sewage? When disaster strikes, time is crucial for water damage remediation. Delayed or improper drying can cause mold growth or additional structural damage. Dry Pro provides rapid response 24-hour emergency extraction service.

Infrared Flir Thermal Imaging Camera finds leaks fast!

We prevent swelling and warping of floors and walls with industrial grade heavy duty equipment for ULTRA FAST drying and dehumidification. Powerful air movers create airflow across carpets, pads, walls and furniture to evaporate moisture. We specialize in safe sanitizing, non-toxic deodorizing and disinfecting anti-microbial treatments to remove odor and mold.

Water Damage Common Causes & Tips:

Broken Pipes & Hoses:

80% of our water damage calls are for a burst water main, disintegrating old pipes leaking, burst washer and ice maker hoses. Don’t wait for a disaster! Schedule an inspection. Replace old copper pipes with PVC. Install metal braided washing machine hoses and copper pipes for ice makers.

Sewer back up:

Most commonly caused by tree roots invading and clogging drain lines. Do you know what's lurking in your pipes? Get a camera inspection to check. Schedule annual Hydro-jetting to prevent a nasty blockage!

Sinks, Toilets & Tubs:

Kids are notorious for flushing toys and unusual objects causing blockage! Ladies, please dispose of your sanitary items in the trash, not the toilet. You’d be surprised how many people forget they are running a bath until it is too late and water is running down your hallway. Careful what you put down your garbage disposal or drain! No grease, oil, coffee grinds, too many starchy potato skins or fibrous material like corn husks, celery stalks, onion skins, and artichokes. The scariest thing about Halloween is that pumpkin guts can kill disposals and clog your pipes!

Flash Flooding:

“It never rains in California” but when it does, it comes down with a fury! Flash flooding can cause extremely expensive damage to your home. Wood floors and carpets, collectable rugs ruined! Purchase flood insurance! Our high powered extraction equipment and dehumidifiers will clean up the mess. Our insurance expert will document the disaster with images and an extensive report to maximize your claim.

Water Heater:

The chance a water heater will leak or burst increases when it is 5 years old. Three-quarters of all water heaters fail before they are 12 years old.

Get an inspection of the anode rod at least once every two years and annually once the warranty has expired. The rod will eventually corrode and leave the tank vulnerable to damage.

Sediment buildup reduces efficiency 60% costing you more money to heat water! Sediment builds up faster in areas with hard water. Remove sediment by getting an annual Pro Flush.

Replace your old water heater before it becomes a much more expensive and messy problem! We recommend installing a Tankless Water Heater.